Success Stories

Ahmad Nazirov

Business development

Indicating information about yourself on the package, it becomes your face, thus you can not afford to lower the quality of this products

Latest Stories

Nasriddin Tuychiev

business development

It is convenient and comfortable to be serviced in FINCA. I like the service and approach to customers by the Company's employees.

Jamila Makhmadova

Equipment purchasing for business development

Everything what I achieved, due to the financial support of FINCA Tajikistan and my hard work

Nafisakhon Jumaboeva

Business Development

Thanks to FINCA, I was able to develop my business to its current condition. In addition, there have been important events in my family's life: daughter's wedding, birth of a grandson, my son got education. And all this was directly related to the FINCA

Zulaykho Juraeva


Ordinary woman from rural area of Tajikistan, who’s started from the bottom and reached high goals!

Oista Hudoieva

to increase business turnover

Left alone with four children Oista was in a very difficult situation. She decided to start her own business (selling cotton oil), to bring up and educate children.

Shawkat Umurzakov

Business Development

Since 1985 himself Shawkat started making national carved chests and taught the case of his two sons and a nephew who work and help him at the time.

Zebunisso Nazarova

to increase business turnover

Zebunisso has already received loans from FINCA Tajikistan 12 times. Her credit history in FINCA Tajikistan started in 2006 and today she is still an active client.

Dastagul Barotova

To increase turnover

"I used to use small amounts of money, and had accustomed to working with loans. All loans I used to increase turnover, so now my private business has increased several times."

Higmatulo Karimov

buy new cow

"Now, my eldest son is working in Russia, and I still can not rely on his help and must be constantly work to support big family"

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