FINCA Tajikistan is looking for Core Banking System Vendors

Request for Proposal

Subject:       Request for Proposal (RFP) for Selection and Implementation of Core Banking System (CBS) in LLC MDO FINCA


Dear Prospective Vendor


LLC MDO FINCA is a regulated Microfinance Organization, registered with the National Bank of Tajikistan (NBT). Founded in 2003, LLC MDO FINCA provides responsible access to finance to low income entrepreneurs, agricultural business and SME to support the self-employed and create jobs. Being a Microcredit Deposit Organization in the country, LLC MDO FINCA offers financial services such as individual, group, agricultural loans and offering Deposit products in the form of Current and Saving Accounts and Fix Term basis, money transfer and currency exchange services through 23 locations.


Our strategy is to building future together for the poor in rural areas through the support and financial empowerment. We are growing our client’s livelihood resilience by providing creative flexible and well-structured solutions.


We look forward for selection and implementation of a Core Banking System (CBS) that will fulfill our current needs as a Microfinance institution (MFI) which potentially would transform to a commercial bank in future. Currently we provide lending, deposit, FX, Treasury and Money Transfer services, but in addition, we would like to have greater efficiency in operations by enabling rapid deployment of new features and innovations and proper reporting to respective authorities.


LLC MDO FINCA requests from the prospective vendors to reply with their consent to participate in the selection and implementation process of the Core Banking System. On receipt of your consent for participation, we will send you the detail RFP along with Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) that needs to be replied by January 06. 2019.

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