With the financial support of FINCA, favorite hobby brings recognition and income

Equipment purchasing for business development

Jamila Makhmadova

Mahmadova Jamila, cheerful housewife, excellent needlewoman, happy wife and mother of five children. Jamila engaged at home sewing of national dresses and outfits for the dancers performing in public.
This needlework Jamila studied from her neighbor. When she began to sew by herself, she only had a hand sewing machine, and she dreamed to buy a more modern and improved equipment, but Jamila did not had additional funds for such big purchase. So she understood that she had to do something to change situation…
She learned about FINCA from her friend, with whom she studied at school and who advised her to try to take a loan.
In 2014, she received her first loan in total of $ 2.000 USD with 18 months term. By these funds she improved her job place, bought a foot-driven sewing machine that she wanted. Then, she began to take more orders for tailoring national dresses. Jamila has decided to take another loan to continue developing her business.
Second time she received loan in amount 7,000 TJS. It allowed her to get big orders for tailoring dresses. But, most of ordered dresses were needed to make a variety of embroidery on the fabric, and Jamila had to take back dresses to another dressmaker to make embroidery and paid for it, because she did not had a special machine to make embroidery patterns. It was very uncomfortable and she decided to take even further loan to buy a special machine.
Jamila took a third loan of 7,000 TJS. Part of received money she spent on repayment of the previous loan, and the second part, she spent for buying machine for sewing patterns on fabrics and buying material for sewing dresses. Thus, Jamila began to execute orders fully and independently.
Since then, the number of orders and clients has increased, and Jamila started taking orders from companies that carry out the grandiose festive events (now sews dresses for the national performing dancers and actors).
When Jamila has a small pieces of fabric, which belongs from dresses, she sews very interesting and pretty covers, caps for teapots. If the teapot is covered with such a cap, the tea stays hot for a long time.
In addition to tailoring the national dresses, Jamila also sews clothes as jackets, coats, ponchos, men’s trousers. Almost all clothes for the children she sews herself, even sewed uniforms for her younger twin girls. “Thus, we are saving money on the purchase of season clothes” – she says.
The eldest daughter, who is 16 years old, studied sewing from Jamila and already takes orders from her classmates and sews dresses, thereby having its own earnings.
A key factor is that by the profits from her business (besides the fact that Jamila always repay loan on time), she and her husband were able to build a large comfortable home and improved the living conditions of their family.
“All this is due to the help and support of FINCA Tajikistan. And of course due to my efforts, so I again and again obtain loans “- proudly said Jamila Makhmadova.
At this time, Jamila is completing repayment of the loan and plans to apply for another loan. She doesn’t want to stop on it. Jamila has a goal to start her own company and create more jobs. FINCA Tajikistan wish Jamila the further prosperous, development and success to achieving her goals!!!

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